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Why should I use At Health Australia Protein Powder?

At Health Australia Protein Powder is a fantastic addition to your everyday diet. Packed with essential amino acids - the basic building blocks of muscle - it’s the perfect solution to assist in weight-loss, toning, lean muscle development, muscle recovery post work-out recovery and more.

Simply stir, shake or blend into your favourite smoothie for a nutritious well-balanced meal or snack alternative.

Why is Whey Protein Isolate so good for weight-loss?

When trying to lose weight we often follow a calorie restricted diet but unfortunately we usually lose fat AND muscle!

At Health Australia Protein Powders help maintain vital lean muscle while still assisting fat loss. 

Maintaining lean muscle is key to building lean muscle, tone and definition and ultimately helps us continue to lose weight.

Our At Health Australia Protein Powder is also absorbed faster than any other type of protein, meaning your muscles can grow and recover faster, and more effectively, when you are using it.

Is whey protein powder just for athletes and body builders?

No whey!! Whey protein is the premium choice for ANYONE committed to achieving good health.

At Health Australia Grass-Fed Whey Prote in Isolate is one of the purest sources of complete protein and is absorbed faster into the body than any other type of protein. This means that your muscles can grow and recover faster, and more effectively, when you are using it.

Why offer a Vegan protein blend if At Health Whey Protein Isolate is so premium?
1. It TASTES great! but the main reason is that it contains NO dairy and ZERO lactose, so it's ideal for those who choose, or for health reasons, do not consume any Dairy or Animal Products..
2. We use a blend of Organic Pea Protein + Organic Brown Rice Protein to provide a more complete amino acid profile than only using one plant based protein - and we know these amino acids are the fundamental building blocks to the development of lean muscle, and speeding up muscle recovery.
3. We have also added Superfoods, Digestive Enzymes and a vital Mineral and Vitamin Complex to offer additional key nutritional elements to your next smoothie!

How does At Health Australia Protein Powder support my weight loss goals?

In three wonderful ways:

  1. Whey Protein enhances the release of glucagon (which builds muscle and burns fat) while also inhibiting the release of insulin (which encourages fat storage). Ultimately, it encourages your body to burn fat.
  2. Digesting protein burns more calories than digesting carbohydrates or fats. We know that Whey Protein is also used to increase muscle bulk. However to achieve that, you need to consume several whey protein smoothies a day in addition to eating a calorie rich diet.
  3. Increased protein helps you feel satisfied for longer, so you can add At Health Protein Powder to your morning smoothie and keep going till lunchtime!

Can I use At Health Australia Protein Powder as a meal replacement option?

Our nutritional philosophy is about following a well-balanced diet with a variation of fruits, vegetables, good fats (like coconut oil and avocado), lean protein and carbohydrates. At Health Australia Protein Powder is a fantastic addition to this.

However yes, it can be added to your favourite smoothie, transforming it into a nutritious, well-balanced meal which will keep you feeling satisfied - But please speak to your health practitioner if you have any specific questions.

How does At Health Australia Protein Powder assist me in building lean muscle?

Whey Protein is rich in amino acids; the basic building blocks of muscle. When exercising, your muscle fibres tear and break down. After exercise your muscles are like a ‘sponge’ and will try to absorb as many nutrients as rapidly as possible to repair.

At Health Australia Whey Protein Powder provides the essential nutrients needed for muscle recovery. Ultimately this makes your training more effective, and helps you get to your next training session faster!

When is the best time to take At Health Australia Protein Powder if I want to build lean muscle?

For optimum results, consume directly after exercise with water, milk (we like Almond Milk) or add it to your favourite smoothie.

At Health Australia Protein Powder products are “undenatured”.  What does this mean and why is it important?

Undenatured means there are fewer steps involved in the manufacturing process. Undernatured proteins are not exposed to extreme heat that denatured protein is. As a result, the integrity of the whey is protected, helping to maintain those all-important vitamins and minerals.

What is the best way to store my At Health Australia products, and what is the shelf-life?

It is best to keep all At Health Australia products in a cool, dry location. Refrigeration is not necessary, however if room temperature exceeds 27 degrees Celsius we do recommend popping it in the fridge.

At Health Australia products have an 18 month shelf-life from the date of manufacture. You can find the expiration date printed on the package.

What is the recommended serving size?

Our recommended serving size is 30g, which is about 3 heaped tablespoons.

Depending on your goals and protein requirements, you can consume 1 - 3 servings of At Health Australia per day.

For weight management, consuming 20-30g per serving per day should be sufficient.  If you're a serious athlete and aim to increase lean muscle mass, or if you are training for long periods of time, increase your daily intake to 35g or more.

What is the best way to consume At Health Australia Protein Powder?

You can shake, stir or blend with water or your favourite milk (we love Almond Milk). Use approximately 1 Cup of liquid to every 30g serve, but see what you think tastes best.

We also love adding our Protein Powder to a morning smoothie. Try all our 5x delicious flavours to see what works for you.

Is the At Health Australia health food product range organic?

Our Organic Plant Based Protein uses Certified Organic Pea Protein and Certified Organic Brown Rice Protein. 

Our Whey Protein has all the advantages of 100% natural pastures. The milk for our whey proteins is derived from cows that are grass-fed and graze year-round on natural pastures. They are GMO-free, hormone-treatment-free, pesticide -free and undergo minimal processing.

Why is it important the whey is grass-fed, and what exactly does that mean?

It's quite simple. Cows are meant to eat grass, not grains. When cows (just like humans) are ingesting foods their bodies are designed to digest, they are logically going to be healthier. Healthy & happy cows = healthy milk = healthy whey protein isolate = happy bodies.

Why don't you use Australian Whey Protein Isolate?

Australian cows are often grain-fed and it is not possible to source to Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate in the volumes we need. We source our Protein from New Zealand or America - as they are up to our tight regulations for Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate.

What if I'm lactose intolerant? Can I still enjoy At Health Australia Protein Powder?

Our Whey Protein Powder is low in lactose so it's very easy to digest. However, if you would like a Dairy-Free option, you could try our Radiance Range (Pea Protein + Collagen) or alternatively our Vegan option, Organic Plant Based Protein.

Is Whey Protein Isolate ok if I'm a vegetarian?

Yes, absolutely. Whey Protein is actually really beneficial to a vegetarian diet because it can help boost protein levels that may be lacking.

Our manufacturing process ensures there is no cross-over with animal flesh or meat, and is therefore suitable for those with lacto and lacto-ovo vegetarian diets.

Also, if you're considering Whey Protein vs Soybean Protein we recommend Whey. It not only tastes better, but has a superior amino acid profile to most vegetable proteins. As it’s often less processed, it's much easier to digest.

Is it ok to use At Health Protein Powder while I'm pregnant?
Our Protein Powders are a fantastic way to increase your protein requirements during pregnancy. However, we do recommend talking to your health care professional before adding it to your diet.

Is it ok to use At Health Protein Powder while I'm Breast Feeding?
Yes our Protein Powders are a fantastic way to increase your protein requirements during breast feeding. If you have any concerns though, we recommend talking to your health care professional as every 'body' is different.

Do you offer International Shipping?

We currently only ship within Australia and now offer $15 flat rate shipping to New Zealand.

However please be rest assured we are in the process to find an affordable solution to this. 

Does the Free Shipping for Orders over $100 apply to New Zealand?

No - We can only offer flat rate $15 shipping to all New Zealand orders at this stage.

I live locally, can I pick up? 

No unfortunately not, but we do have plenty of amazing local retailers who stock our range - see our stockists page for where you can buy instore! 

I ordered a Protein Powder Sampler Pack with Free Postage, how long will delivery take?

We send our Protein Sampler Packs via regular standard post, so you should receive your delivery approx 4 - 6 business days after your order is confirmed. Free Postage is to Australia only.

I have a Discount Code but it isn't working?

Discount codes are only available for redemption on Full Priced Products only, they are not redeemable across our Subscriptions, Bundle Pack Offers or already discounted products.

Discount codes can only be redeemed once unless otherwise stated and must be used prior to the expiry date listed.

Only one discount code can be redeemed at one time - you cannot use multiple discount codes for one order.

Any "Free Shipping" Offers or Discount Codes are within Australia only.