Natural Vegan PreWorkout & Fat Burning Blend - Tropical Sunshine

  • Who is Natural Vegan Pre-Workout for?

    Whether you’re a busy mum, a student or a working professional, this preservative-free pre-workout is designed to give you the kickstart you need to get you off the couch and get moving!

    When should I use it?

    For best results, take our vegan pre-workout around 15 minutes before a workout.

    The unique blend of Natural Ingredients will help boost energy levels, increase your focus, and improve your motivation to enhance your workout results.

    What does the pre-workout do?

    This Natural Vegan Pre-Workout gives you smooth, clean energy to take your workout to the next level, with more focus and motivation. And as we only use natural high-quality ingredients, you'll love the slow-release energy with no anxious jitters or crash effect.

    How much Caffeine per serve?

    Choose between a “half serve” (1 tsp) and a “full serve” (2 tsp).

    Half Serve, 1 tsp = 50mg Caffeine (equivalent to approx. 1 weak coffee)

    Full Serve, 2 tsp = 101mg Caffeine (equivalent to approx. 1-2 coffees)

    You can always start with a half serve, but we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results of a full serve - for a sustained dose of smooth clean energy without any crash effect.

    Is it ok if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

    No - as it's a stimulant, you’ll want to avoid this pre-workout while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

    What does it taste like?

    Like sweet tropical sunshine! It’s a gorgeous tropical flavour without being too sweet - and no awful aftertaste, we promise!

    How do I make it up?

    Simply stir 1-2 tsp (half serve or full serve) with 200ml of water.

    Top Tip: Tastes amazing in Coconut Water ( with the added benefit of electrolytes ) We love Ice in there too!