March 24, 2022 3 min read

5 reasons why protein aids weight loss

Science has long supported the idea that a  high-protein diet is good for weight loss, but why is that actually the case? Listening to what your body needs is just as important as paying attention to what you eat. So to help you stay on the weight-loss path, here are five reasons why protein should be your best friend.


  1. Feel fuller for longer

Having a diet rich in protein actually slows down digestion, which means you end up feeling fuller after meals and won’t be taunted by those mid-afternoon cravings. When you don’t feel the need to snack a few hours after every meal, you can start to build up a calorie deficit without even feeling hungry. And over the course of a few days and weeks, this can help you hit your weight-loss goals.

  1. Your body burns more calories with protein

TEF – or the thermic effect of food – is the term used for increasing your metabolic rate. Protein is a fantastic weight-loss tool because it has a much higher TEF compared to fatty foods and carbs. That means if you eat protein-dense meals instead of those with lots of fat and carbohydrates, your body will end up working harder during digestion and burn more passive calories.

  1. It makes fat burn faster and protects lean muscle

Think of protein like a fuel. When you’re trying to lose weight, you want to ensure any excess fat is what gets turned into energy – but that’s next-to-impossible if there are no carbs or protein to help burn the fat. Adding more protein to your diet is exactly what helps fuel fat-burning, while also protecting your lean muscle. No one wants to lose their lean muscle on a diet, as it’s vital for our overall health and wellbeing. One of the major benefits of protein powder is that it helps you build and maintain that lean muscle even when you’re on a calorie-restricted diet.

  1. Better muscle repair and growth

No one can outrun their diet, which means the most successful weight-loss journeys are those that pair better eating habits with regular exercise. But after a long run or an intense HIIT session, you need to give your body the right stuff to help your muscles recover. A post-workout protein ball, for example, can make an impact when your tired muscles are most sensitive to absorbing the right nutrients.

  1. Fewer sugar cravings

There’s nothing worse than when you’re doing amazing on your diet and then a sugar craving throws you off course. They can be relentless. But you don’t have to starve your body just to lose a few extra kilos. On the contrary, it’s at these times when you need to consume the right food. By beefing up your carb-rich meals with plenty of protein, you can actually lower the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream, which will ultimately reduce future cravings.

Choosing the right protein

One of the most efficient ways to get more protein into your diet is with a protein powder. From a quick-and-easy protein smoothie on the commute to work, to a delicious vegan smoothie bowl that will kickstart your day, there are so many different ways you can get a hit of protein to support your weight-loss goals.

But not all protein powders are created equal. Make sure you choose a high-quality protein powder that uses 100% natural ingredients. You’ll get a protein boost that is easy to digest and won’t cause bloating, constipation or skin breakouts.

At Health Australia

At Health protein powders are the natural antidote to overly sweet supplements that simply don’t taste good. To help you on your weight-loss journey and ensure you get the best nutrients into your diet, you can shop online or find our products in a range of selected stockists.