Our Vision

At Health Australia was founded on the principle that health food products should be exactly that, healthy. 

After removing refined sugar from our diet, we were horrified to see the average sugar content per serve in some of the leading Protein Powder brands on the market. We felt cheated by these brands, we thought they were offering a healthy protein solution to support our health food journey. However, they were not.

This was the leading inspiration behind At Health Australia.

We wanted to create a health brand that you can trust, offering products with 100% natural ingredients with no added preservatives, fillers or refined sugars. We wanted our core range to include high quality protein powder blends and key nutritional health products, that truly nourish your body to support you on your health food journey.

Ultimately, we wanted our protein powder to be as clean as our diet, and we thought it was important to educate others that their healthy choices, my not be so healthy.

At Health Australia is a brand selling high quality health & wellness products that represent everything we are passionate about, good health.

Our vision is to create a health food brand that people love and can trust.

We wanted to build a brand offering products that we love, you will love and your body will love.