Radiant Body Protein Powder + Collagen - Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean + Collagen (Dairy-Free)
  • Your Gut Health + Beauty Protein Powder blend to help you shine from the inside out!

    Certified Organic Pea Protein, Fibre, Prebiotics and Probiotics are combined with Collagen to help promote gut health, digestion, reduce joint inflammation and ensure your hair, nails and skin never looked so good!

    Radiant Body Protein Powder + Collagen combines smooth vanilla bean with creamy coconut milk powder, fibre, MCTs, Prebiotics and Probiotics to aid gut health and digestion. Pea Protein helps build lean muscle and while supporting your health and wellness goals. Collagen helps to restore healthy joints and promote strong hair, nails and glowing skin. The ultimate radiant body blend!

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