Choc-Caramel Fudge (Vegan) Protein + Superfood Blend

Choc-Caramel Fudge
  • Who is this for?
    Designed for busy mums, students and professionals.
    Perfect for anyone after a balanced diet and looking to increase protein into their diet.

    When should I use it?
    Best consumed within 30min after a workout, or alternatively it can be consumed anytime as a healthy snack / meal.

    How should I use it?
    Blend 3x Tablespoons with 200ml Milk of choice, tastes amazing blended in a smoothie with your favourite ingredients like frozen bananas, berries, oats, peanut butter or leafy greens.

    Is it ok if I'm breastfeeding?
    Yes absolutely.

    Is it Vegan?

    Is it Dairy Free?

    Is it Nut Free?

    Is it Gluten Free?

    How will At Health Protein help me tone and build muscle?
    At Health Australia Protein Powder is rich in amino acids, the basic building blocks of muscle. When exercising, your muscle fibres tear and break down and they need these amino acids to rebuild and recover.
    At Health Australia Protein Powder provides these essential nutrients needed to build lean muscle, tone and define that lean muscle we all want to achieve.