How to make Almond Milk - Creamy Goodness

How to make Almond Milk - Creamy Goodness

Creamy Almond Milk 

I can't even begin to tell you how much better home-made Almond Milk tastes compared to the pre-packaged Almond Milk - to be honest, they're like two completely different products!

If you haven't had Almond Milk before it's a creamy alternative to cow's milk, and the perfect partner in your favourite smoothies - simply use Almond Milk where you would usually use cow's milk, you won't be disappointed.

Not only does it taste amaaaazing... but it's 100% natural goodness, with no additives or preservatives. 

Plus it's super easy, which we all love.

 All you need;

  • 1 Cup Natural Almonds ( 1 Cup of Almonds will make 1L of Almond Milk )
  • Nut Milk Bag or Cheese Cloth ( Purchase from you local Health Store for about $8 )


    Step 1. Cover and soak 1 Cup of natural almonds in water over night ( 8 - 24 hours )

    Step 2. Drain the almonds in fresh tap water 

    Step 3. Add the Soaked Almonds to 4 Cups of Fresh Water ( tap or purified, up to you )

    Step 4. Blend in a high powered blender for approx 30sec - we love our Vitamix!

    Step 5. Simply strain the almond blend through a Nut Milk Bag or Cheese Cloth

    Voila. You have fresh, creamy Natural Almond Milk - all goodness, no additives, preservatives, gums.

    Step 6. We recommend adding 1tsp Vanilla Powder, 1tsp Cinnamon, 2 - 3 Dates + a touch of Rock Salt... You won't be disappointed.


    Now it's SMOOTHIE TIME.... use your fresh Almond Milk as your base for your next At Health Protein Smoothie - we'll post some of our favourite smoothie recipes soon :)





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