Fit Foodie of the Month - Kate Corbett

Fit Foodie of the Month - Kate Corbett

F45 Manager | F45 Addict | Dog Mum |  Optimist

Tell us about your career? How did you get started in the Fitness Industry and how did you make the move to Managing 2x F45 Gyms (Corrimal & Bulli)?

I joined my first gym in high school and loved it so I just kept going. Then I got my first real job and it put me in a bad mood when work interfered with me getting to the gym. I figured that if I loved it so much, I should make it my job. Who doesn’t love getting paid to do something they love?!

I did my Cert III and IV in 2006 then went travelling. When I came back I fell into a job in the fitness industry and I’ve never looked back. I’ve worked at many local gyms over the last 10 or so years but F45 has to be my favourite! I guess it helps being the boss… hahaha!

I’ve been managing F45 Corrimal since it opened in 2016 and the owner’s Dale and Rhenelle Fritz are great to work for. We’ve got a great little community feel and I love going to work everyday.

 F45 Bulli F45 Corrimal At Health Australia

Tell us about F45 Training and 3 things you love the most about F45?

I love that, even though to a non-F45er, the sessions look tough, F45 really is for everyone!

All our workouts are time-based so you work as fast or slow as you need to, with a goal of getting through the time. Having two Personal Trainers at most sessions allows us to give personal attention to everyone and make modifications where necessary.

You don’t have to already be fit to join F45, that’s WHY you join! Everyone has to start somewhere so why not do it in 45 minutes a day?! You’ll never get bored either because you’ll never do the same session twice.

Another thing I love about F45 is the community feel we have in the studio. We love a good social event, whether it’s an end of challenge party, a weekend bush walk or a coffee catch up. Our F45 family are all supportive of each other and of new members, it’s such a great thing to experience.

Lastly, seeing results! We run four 8 Week Challenges over the year and I have to say that my favourite times of the year are the days we have the end of challenge scans. 

Seeing the amazing results that people achieve, how happy they are and the differences in them, it’s just amazing. It really makes me appreciate my job and makes me thankful that I get to help these people achieve these results.


F45 Bulli F45 Corrimal At Health Australia Protein


What would be your advice to anyone wanting to try F45 but unsure how to start?

Come in for a FREE 7 Day Experience to see if you love it and if it fits in with your lifestyle.

Joining a gym is a big decision so we want to give you the chance to try it before you make that decision. If you’ve been thinking about it, take action and just get started.

Simply download the F45 Training app and register there. You’ve really got nothing to lose!

What is your biggest personal challenge when it comes to staying fit or healthy eating, and how do you combat it?

I love food so my biggest challenge is not giving into my sweet tooth too often. I try to make sure I am organised during the week as my weeks are pretty hectic with work, study, exercise and spending time with my fur-baby.

I’ve never really wanted to be a meal prep kind of girl but I have to be. If I’m not prepared, I eat what I can get my hands on and it’s usually something that I’ll feel guilty about later.

Sunday is now Meal Prep Sunday for me. I make enough meals for lunch and dinner for the week so I can grab one out of the fridge as I run out the door at 4.40am. I’m also training my will power to not buy chocolate when I do my groceries. If it’s not in the house, I can’t eat it!


How would you describe your diet? 

I don’t stick to a specific diet but my meals are pretty simple. Breakfast is either boiled eggs or muesli/granola with yoghurt and fruit. Lunch and dinner is usually some kind of protein and veggies or salad, although in Winter I love a good veggie or pumpkin soup. I try not to deprive myself of the things I enjoy but moderation is the key. I know I won’t stick to a diet that restricts the things I like to eat so I maintain a healthy balance.

We know it's important to have health & fitness goals... What's your current fitness goal or challenge?

My current fitness goal is to be able to do un-assisted Pull Ups! They’ve eluded me for so long but it’s still one of my goals.

I’d also like to compete in the F45 Playoffs next year. I went up to Bondi to watch this year and it’s such an inspiring event with some amazing bodies and amazing strength and fitness. It was very inspiring.

How many times a week do you work out, and how long do you typically train for?

I aim for 6 times per week, giving me one day a week to rest and recover. Although sometimes work/study/life gets in the way and it ends up only being 4 or 5. I love getting involved in F45 sessions so I can train with my team and I reckon if you’re going hard enough, 45 minutes is definitely long enough! Some days I do my own sessions though, depending on my goals at the time.

F45 Bulli F45 Corrimal

What are your 3 favourite ways to work out?

Obviously F45. The mix of cardio and weights is great but I particularly love Saturday mornings when we train for an hour instead of 45 minutes and we have an in-house DJ playing our favourite songs to get the weekend started.

I enjoy weight training but need to make more time it for because I know how my body feels when I do it. I love feeling strong and seeing the changes in the weights I lift.

I enjoy Yoga too, when I can make it to a class but I also love getting out in the sun and going for a bush walk or taking my dog to the beach!

What is your favourite healthy treat?

I’m a sucker for a good protein ball. I have a sweet tooth so if I can satisfy my sweet craving with a protein ball, instead of chocolate, happy days!

My own recipe includes a nut butter, oats, coconut, goji berries, chia seeds, protein powder, honey & vanilla.

What are your favourite Protein Smoothie ingredients?

My favourite protein smoothie is coconut milk, frozen banana, peanut butter, coconut and chocolate protein powder. YUM!

 F45 Bulli F45 Corrimal At Health Australia Protein Balls

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

On the days I start at the studio at 5am, my go-to is boiled eggs. They’re easy to prepare and easy to eat on the run.

On the days I have a bit more time, it might be an omelette with ham, cheese, spinach, mushroom, cheese and avocado, or muesli/granola with Greek yoghurt and fruit or the protein smoothie above.

Who inspires you and why?

Can I be corny and say our members inspire me? I love being right there with them, seeing their improvements, high-fiving them when they reach their next goal and being able to cheer them on every day makes me happy.

I love my job and a big part of that is working with these guys. We have amazing results with every 8 week challenge we do and I love being a part of that. If our members can be dedicated and motivated to achieve great results, so can it!

Best advice you've ever been given?

Good manners cost nothing. It’s not hard to say please or thank you or just be respectful to others.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today” - Will Rogers.

I find I use some version of this a lot with members, when they say they’ve had a bad day with their diet or a big weekend, they feel like they’ve ruined everything.

That’s not the case. One meal, one day or one weekend is not going to completely derail your progress.

Acknowledge the “bad day”, own it, accept it and move on. Beating yourself up about it is not going to change it so forget about it and re-focus.

 Kate Corbett F45 Bulli

On that inspiring note Kate, thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with us ... we're so grateful for your time to share your journey to good health. 

Much love, 

A+T xx


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