Fit Foodie of the Month - Alyssa Yeo

Fit Foodie of the Month - Alyssa Yeo

Business Owner | Animal Lover | Fitness Warrior | Coffee Addict | Dog Mum |

OMG! You have your own business that’s amazing!! Tell us about Fit for Change?

OMG I know! Sometimes I can’t believe it either! Fit For Change was born in late 2015 when my partner and I decided on a sea change from Sydney to the Illawarra.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done starting a business with no contacts down here but I wouldn’t change the journey for anything.

I now run Personal Training and 15 Group Classes between Russell Vale and Thirroul and I have a growing client base of awesome men and women.


Have you always been this fit and active? What has your fitness journey been like?

I was a dancer from the age of 3 including ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary. After finishing year 12 I went on to study full time at Brent Street Performing Arts School in Sydney which led me to the awesome adventure of working as a professional dancer on Cruise Ships throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

The funny thing is that I always hated the gym and I only worked out because I felt I needed to in order to stay in shape for my job as a dancer. I found a love for exercise when I discovered weight training during one of my cruise ship contracts.

I then decided to study an online fitness course purely for personal interest however after completing my work experience at a gym in Sydney, I fell in love with helping people reach their health and fitness goals and I’ve never looked back.




What is your biggest personal challenge when it comes to staying fit or healthy eating, and how do you combat it?

Growing up as a dancer, I’ve seen my fair share of eating disorders and unhealthy mind sets around food. I used to obsess about how skinny I looked or what other people thought of my weight and I was always looking for the latest diet or juice cleanse to try.

I’ve learnt throughout my journey in the fitness industry that the best way to eat, is to choose foods that make me feel good and that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing to live a healthy lifestyle.

We are all susceptible to being hard on ourselves but I try to keep a positive attitude to health and fitness and I don’t let myself dwell on negative thoughts about my body when they crop up.



How would you describe your diet? ie: Do you eat Paleo, Vegetarian, Sugar Free, JERF, Dairy Free or Wheat Free? If so, any particular reason why and how does it impact or change how you feel?

I practice intermittent fasting every day meaning I fast for at least 13 hours from dinner until my first meal the following day. I also do at least one 24 hour fast each week.

My eating habits outside of that are very balanced focusing mostly on whole foods and good quality proteins and fats. I don’t cut any food groups from my diet but I don’t eat many grains because I don’t feel like my body needs it or feels good from eating it.

I practice a stricter diet during the week and then I relax a bit on the weekends and allow myself to indulge in some of my faves (cinnamon scrolls!) I’m all about balance, sustainability and eating for health not for weight loss.


We know it's important to have health & fitness goals... What's your current fitness goal or challenge?

At the moment I’m working on some strength training goals that include increasing the weight for my Back Squat and Deadlift. I’m also about to start training for the City 2 Surf in August.


How many times a week do you work out, and how long do you typically train for?

My ideal week is 4-5 gym sessions, a run, a yoga class and then one rest or recovery day. I usually train for one hour in the gym and I’m gradually building up my run time.


What are your 3 favourite ways to work out?

I’ve been training at a Crossfit gym for the last 6 months because I really love the strength training component and I feel that the workouts are the right intensity for me.

I also LOVE yoga and running.


What is your favourite healthy treat?

My favourite healthy treat would be this Choc Avo Mousse that I make using Avocado. Cacao, Frozen Raspberries and some stevia blended together. SO DELICIOUS!


What are your favourite Protein Smoothie ingredients?

I usually have a smoothie for breakfast.

I blend together a banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, 1 scoop of protein powder, a teaspoon of cinnamon, chia seeds and a teaspoon of Vital Greens.



What do you usually eat for breakfast?

If I don’t make a smoothie, I love eggs, avocado and hummus for brekky.

It gives me protein and good fats to keep me feeling full and it also stabilises my blood sugar so I don’t get a crash later in the day.


Best advice you've ever been given?

My business coach once said to me,

“Don’t measure your progress using someone else’s ruler.”

I love this because it applies to everything in life; relationships, business, personal goals, everything!


Who inspires you and why? ie: could be in a career / healthy eating / personal context.

I really love Doctor Libby Weaver who has written some awesome books on women’s health, nutrition and balancing hormones.

There are many people in my personal life (including my clients!) that inspire me every single day!


What is your favourite inspirational quote?

“Healthy looks different on every body”



On that note Alyssa, YOU inspire US ... and we're so grateful for your time to share you journey to good health. 

Much love, 

A+T xx


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