Angela Saville - Fit Foodie of the Month

Angela Saville - Fit Foodie of the Month

Mentor |  Run Coach   |   Multiple Business Owner   |   Boss Lady   | Mumma 

Today we are super excited to introduce leading Boss Lady + all round business powerhouse, Angela Saville as our At Health Australia 'Fit Foodie of the Month'!

If you need some inspiration for the New Year, we're really serving it up for you today... honestly, not only is she Director of Savvy Fitness, Blue Athletic AND Blue Athletica Activewear (woah? yep!) but she's also mum to "2 handsome lil fellas + a new baby girl!!"

Ermmm how does she do it all I hear you ask, well here's a little teeny tiny insight into the phenomenal businesswomen + mumma extraordinaire.

We hope you enjoy reading Ange's journey to good health, everything from her career aspirations to her training schedule.

Enjoy your lil slice of healthy inspo for today :-) Xx


Tell us about your career? How did you get started in the fitness industry?

I studied physical education at University and while I was there I worked as a group exercise instructor at a number of local fitness centres, predominantly teaching Les Mills programs. I entered the workforce as a full time PE teacher and continued to teach fitness classes either side of school hours, early mornings and evenings.

After 6 years, I came to realise I was much more passionate about working with adults towards achieving their fitness and health goals and decided to take the plunge into the fitness industry full time. I left a great job to do so, took a risk and launched into a startup.

With an almost empty bank account I started simple, saw a gap in the market and dove in head first. I had no business experience but a creative mind and a solid vision of what I wanted to do.

I built my entire business in my head while I was out running. Running gave me space to think and create.

I would finish a run and start throwing notes down in one of those old-school exercise books. I knew what I wanted, I wanted to train outdoors, I wanted to train with others and create a space for people to move, a community that people could be a part of. I wanted to take what we had so readily accessible to us indoors in the gym space, outside. At the time, outdoor fitness wasn’t a thing, it didn’t exist which is why I think initially it sparked so much interest. Being outside we were fully exposed to the public and it didn’t take long from there for people to get interested and realise they wanted a piece of this action.

Since starting my fitness career in the year 2000 with a certificate IV in personal training  I have qualified in Run coaching, performance boxing, strength & conditioning, yoga, indoor cycling, suspension and fitness education. I am also the campus director for The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, we deliver the PT qualification and train the trainer from a purposefully built performance centre we set up in 2015.

My work is a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything.


What would be your 3 favourite things about working at / running Savvy Fitness?

  1. The people and the community we have to work with. I am grateful everyday for the positive environment I get to work in and friends I’ve made through fitness. People step out of their stress driven jobs, their busy crazy lives, simply jump into a Savvy session and have an experience that leaves them feeling amazing, energised and motivated. I’ve been so spoilt with having such positive, giving and motivated staff and members around me that I think I would struggle in any other profession.
  2. The programming - creating programs is one on my favourite things to do, it allows me to find my creative space, draw from experience and create new inspiration for myself, our members and staff. When I’m programming I like to think about the experience I’m creating for others and how it can potentially change lives.
  3. The reward of results - seeing our members achieve what they thought was impossible is a pretty incredible experience, but even better than that is working on it with them. getting to go along on their journey. By the time they achieve what they set out to I know what they put in to get there, I know how consistent and determined they were, the sacrifices they made and the fears they overcame and the courage they showed. When a member achieves their goal, I achieve my goal - I get to go on that high too!


Have you always been this fit and active? What has your fitness journey been like?

Since I was at school I was always active and a part of every team, no matter what the sport. At lunch times I would run around with the boys playing touch football and basketball rather than sit on the sidelines. I just loved to move.

I believe that through being part of these teams is what built the core foundation of Savvy. Fitness for me has never been a chore or an effort, moving is something that is simply a essential part of my life, moving with others is even better and the best part of my job is seeing others realise this too.

I started running in my 20s with friends and that has led to some phenomenal achievements and experiences. 

I’ve learnt that variety and balance is key to being strong, fit and injury free 

which is why my interest expanded into so many other avenues such as strength training, cycling and yoga.

What is your biggest personal challenge when it comes to staying fit or healthy eating, and how do you combat it?

When I was teaching a lot of sessions I would find it hard at times to squeeze my own training in, but these days it’s just not a problem. I am truly lucky I have access to so many classes on our timetable at both Savvy and Blue Athletic, that my main problem is choosing which one to go to, do I need to Lift or do I need to Stretch? Should I run or Cycle this morning? I settle this by setting myself up a formula for success and getting my target number of sessions done within a week. Every week is different for me but the types and number of sessions generally stay the same. The only other thing that has deterred me a little from training every morning is getting to be there in when my baby girl wakes up but on these days, like this morning I’ll take her for a run in the pram then take a class during the day or in the evening. I have a very supportive husband and family that allow me to enjoy a lot of flexibility and fit work and training in everyday. I know how important it is for all of us so I also organise 2 Personal training sessions per week for my husband and get him along to classes too. I see it all the time with our members, if their partner and family support them in achieving their fitness goals they are much more likely to succeed.

I find my energy levels and my food choices go hand in hand so on the weeks I don’t get enough sleep I’m bound to reach for a little more chocolate.

If I can be more productive during the day and avoid working into the late hours of the night I can stay energised and motivated all the way through the week.

This is something I have to continually work on as the continual super early starts and late nights eventually catch up on me.


How would you describe your diet? 

I like to be aware of all the diet options out there and get a grasp on each of them as they have their time in the sun, but personally I don’t bite on them. I think that diet and nutrition is such a personal thing that no one diet fits all and to find what is best for you, you have to move through a little bit of trial and error.

There are so many variables that impact people’s diet and food choices such as accessibility, budget, taste, education, upbringing and culture. My philosophy on food has probably grown from all of these factors. Being the youngest of 6 children I think I grew up on a 95% carb loaded diet of pasta, bread and potatoes and here is the thing - I don’t feel damaged at all from eating all those carbs for all those years - who would have thought!

Now I  keep things basic, overall I eat well with a great amount of veggies and I love a salad, it is probably my fave thing to eat!!! I eat protein in the form of fish and chicken, nuts and cheese, I rarely would eat any red meat and I would not touch any form of processed meat. I don’t restrict myself from carbs but I’m also very lucky that I haven’t found anything that I am intolerant to, so I’m sure for others who face these intolerances it’s a little harder.

I have to admit I’m a chocolate lover but these days I’m pretty happy with a dark 90% cocoa option and the naughty full cream milk version on the weekend. I’m always sceptical of new fads but more and more we realise that what is known as gospel for so many years may not be the case which is why lately I have been playing around with the way I eat, trialling the 16:8 fasting method which on researching has made a lot of sense. I’ll enjoy the social side of having a coffee a day but one thing I don’t touch and have never had any interest in is alcohol. I consider this a huge advantage in life but my husband and most of my friends don’t share the same views here haha

I hear so many people these days say to me ‘Oh yes it’s all food you know, losing weight is all about the food you eat’. Well here is my take.

Yes of course what you put in your mouth is going to make a serious difference to the condition of your body but it’s the movement, the exercise that creates the mindset that will have you choosing better, feeling better and looking better

- you can’t underestimate the power of movement!


We know it's important to have health & fitness goals... What's your current fitness goal or challenge?

In 2013 I ran a respectable Marathon time for a recreational runner like me. My long term goal is to to beat that time but I’m going to work on some short term goals right now to get me in the physical condition and mindset I need to be to conquer that dream.

We always start the year off with the Positive Change Program which helps us stay accountable and practice good healthy habits so first up I’ll tackle that and get into a good rhythm and then the rest of the year becomes all about running.

I want to get myself back to a solid 10k performance after having bub last year. I know what I have to do to get there, it will be tough but I’m excited about it!


How many times a week do you work out, and how long do you typically train for?

I train everyday but I have so much variety in my week. I like to use the Savvy programs for my own personal training and I supplement this with the classes I run at our Yoga and Cycle studio, Blue Athletic.

Most of my sessions are about 45 min long but I am known to do 2 different types of sessions in one day. My weekly formula looks something like this

  • 2-3 Runs (Each with a different objective i.e. speed, endurance and conditioning)
  • 2 x Performance Cycle (Indoor Cycle)  
  • 3 Strength based sessions (I like to do LIFT which is a muscular endurance based workout or Body Strong which is a suspension workout)
  • 3 Flexibility/mobility based sessions ( In the form of Savvy STRETCH, or Yoga)
  • 1-2 Just for fun stuff like a Savvy PUNCH or PUSH class (I’ll mainly do this style of training out of run season to maintain a great fitness base)

Fridays and Sundays I’ll keep the intensity levels down and just focus on Yoga/Stretch which I would call my recovery days.


What are your 3 favourite ways to work out?

  1. Group Training - You cannot beat it. How I perform in a group class will be very different to what I can do on my own. Having an atmosphere and people that motivate you to work harder has an incredible advantage to improving your fitness and improving it quickly.
  2. Outdoors - You just can’t beat the outdoor feeling! Our motto at Savvy is ‘Go All Out’ it’s about being OUTSIDE all the time. Training alongside the view of the ocean, in the fresh air and with an abundance of space, now that is half your motivation right there! The other advantage is that in summer you can always run into the ocean after a session. This is the reason my friends and I created a run-swim activewear range.  
  3. First thing in the morning - I find by training first thing your day just can’t go wrong. You have an awesome sense of achievement wrapped around your shoulders for the rest of the day, you feel energised and motivated and your productivity levels increase in comparison to those days that don’t start this way. I do train both mornings and evenings depending on the day but I much prefer the mornings on an empty stomach.


What is your favourite healthy treat?

Just recently I was introduced to the At Health Australia Protein Powders.

I have found that by whipping up a scoop of protein powder with 200mls of water works an absolute treat for a satisfying snack!

I also love dry roasted nuts or a protein ball from ‘The Source’ Wollongong.



What are your favourite Protein Smoothie ingredients?

Water and banana - simple as that! My trick is to whip it up to the max.


What do you usually eat for breakfast?

I have 2 breakfast options that I opt for depending on the time I have. Often breakfast might be at Diggies after a morning session which would resemble option 1:


More Time Brekky

1 Poached egg, well done.

1 slice of mixed grain sourdough

A handful of baby Spinach

1/4  of an Avocado

Dash of Olive Oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper


Less time Brekky

¼ of a cup of my own homemade granola with a dollop of plain yoghurt



Who inspires you and why? 

#1 Our Members inspire me so much. I see them battle their way to success, I see how hard they work, how often they show up and honestly there is nothing more inspiring than seeing them succeed. I’m not without a tear in my eye watching my runners cross the finish line of a Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k or 5k after working with them for months prior.


#2 Kerryn McCann is someone that comes to mind always. The level of humility she showed and the way she competed was hugely inspiring. If I am in need of some inspiration I will youtube her 2006 Commonwealth Games Marathon win - it’s amazing, look it up!


Best advice you've ever been given?

“Stay true to you”

In the Fitness Industry it is really easy to get swept up in what other people are doing or the latest craze or fad. The best thing I’ve learnt is to

stay true to what you believe in

what you know and trust is right for you. Keep things simple, work with your strengths and deliver an authentic, valuable service.


What is your favourite inspirational quote?

This is not so much an inspirational quote but it is certainly a clever tag line that I gain much inspiration from. I think Nike got it so right with “JUST DO IT!” I use this so often to push that little bit further, to train that little bit harder, to run that little bit faster, to tackle the jobs I don’t really want to do, to stop procrastinating and take action. It is simple, purposeful and it takes all the rubbish out of any situation so you can find the right frame of mind to get the job done. So what are you waiting for? “JUST DO IT”


On that note Ange, thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with us ... we're so grateful for your time to share you journey to good health. 

Much love, 

A+T xx


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