Eloise Dickson :: Fit Foodie Inspiration of the Month

Eloise Dickson :: Fit Foodie Inspiration of the Month

Group Fitness Instructor + Healthy Treats Creator + Food Blogger @fitnhealthyliving

Meet the lovely Eloise, a lover of all things healthy! Eloise is a 24 year old Aussie currently living in Berlin who has always enjoyed living an active and busy lifestyle!

Eloise shares her passion for fitness by training others as a Group Fitness Instructor and couples this with her love of healthy eating baking the most incredible clean, tasty treats!

Eloise believes food is as something to be enjoyed socially in a healthy, balanced and sustainable approach. Eloise has shared a few of her amazing healthy treat creations with us using our At Health Australia Protein - which you will see on our blog, with a few more to come soon.

We hope you enjoy reading Eloise's journey to good health!

How would you describe your diet? If so, any particular reason why and how does it impact or change how you feel?

I don’t subscribe to a particular diet, but rather I like to take a healthy approach to food including a variety of fresh wholefoods with plenty of protein and fibre, and minimising processed foods and sugar. It has taken me a while to reach this approach having been through periods of being strictly Paleo or strictly sugar free however at times I found this isolating in social situations, so everyday I nourish my body but I’m not going to say no to the carrot cake my grandma especially baked for me when I go to visit and yeh I’ll probably indulge in the odd bowl of pasta when I’m travelling through Italy.


What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Everyday is different! I believe in having a varied diet with a wide variety of foods in it in order to get the benefits from different foods. I love planning what I’m going to have for breakfast before I go to bed. Some of the typical things in a week include a smoothie bowl, protein porridge of some description (carrot cake and poached pear inspired are a current fave!), protein pancakes, veggie fritters, chai pudding are all in a typical week!


What are your favourite Protein Smoothie ingredients?

Whatever is in season! I like to go with what is fresh!

I always like to add something crunchy on-top of my smoothie such as crushed nuts, coconut flakes or buckinis (or a combo of all three). I like to have the contrast between the smooth and the crunchy.


What is your favourite healthy treat?

My homemade protein caramel slice or almond bark, I can only make it in small batches otherwise I eat it all! Click here for the recipe for this incredible caramel slice!


We know it's important to have health & fitness goals... What's your current fitness goal or challenge?

To run a marathon in Switzerland this May. I am typically more of gym goer then a runner but am trying to incorporate running into my routine. I recently moved to Berlin and running is a great way to discover my new city!


How many times a week do you work out, and how long do you typically train for?

Mostly six time a week between 1-2 hours a day.

When it’s for two-hours a day that is generally spilt up into two sessions with a combination of both cardio and strength training or Pilates.


What are your 3 favourite ways to work out?

  1. Body Attack – I’m a fitness instructor and this is my far my favourite class to teach! I have the best participants and their energy is honestly electric!
  2. KX Pilates – I am addicted to KX Pilates such a challenging great way to work out! They always manage to find muscles you forget about. I find it improves my technique and make me stronger in other things I do.
  3. Barre – It’s a bit of zen in the week. Beautiful space to escape too and lengthen and extend the body, it mixes it up from my usual workouts during the week.


Have you always been this fit and active? What has your fitness journey been like?

Throughout out school I played a lot of sports including netball, tennis, rowing and athletics and I loved the feeling of being physically exerted and pushing myself during these training sessions which led to me joining the gym at the end of high-school. I loved group fitness because I’m quietly very competitive and I found being surrounded by people made me push myself harder. After a while I swapped the front row for the stage and became an instructor – one of the best things I have ever done.


What is your biggest personal challenge when it comes to staying fit or healthy eating, and how do you combat it?

Travelling – being out of your routine means that exercise sessions can slip away and the abundance of exciting new foods in a foreign country are oh so tempting to try!

How I over come this – live in comfortable shoes and walk everywhere! I often find transport in a foreign country very confusing so if it’s within reason, I walk! You’d be surprised how quickly you clock up the km’s! To the food issue when travelling I’m still working on it (if you have the answer let me know!) but I always without fail start the day with a healthy breakfast.


Who inspires you and why? ie: could be in a career / healthy eating / personal context.

The participants in my group fitness classes, the energy they bring to the room motivates me to motivate them. 


Best advice you've ever been given?

“There is always a leap of faith in following your star but so worth it and it can let the magic of life shine on you”.


What is your favourite inspirational quote?

‘It is only the with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye’ 


On that note, thank you Eloise for being our At Health Australia 'Fit Foodie Inspiration of the Month' - We LOVE seeing all your healthy tasty treats on your Instagram and love that it's coupled with your passion for fitness.

We hope you'll be home to Australia soon (we are biased, as we totally miss all your healthy tasty treats!!) 

 Make sure you follow Eloise on Instagram @fitnhealthliving for a healthy dose of tasty recipes and share her health & wellness journey.


Alexis & Trent - At Health Australia

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